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Nothing to See Here – Move Along – 23. June, 2011

It looks like Oracle doesn’t seem to be able to learn from its own history…

The ugly Oracle-HP divorce: Customers could get hurt

I have to take exception with one of Mr. Snyder’s main points, however. He believes that Oracle is not being “its hardball self” in giving its customers no choice in server platform other than conversion to its Sun-acquired hardware, and that they won’t (and haven’t) backed down in the face of customer complaints. He bases this on a conversation with one person, who may or may not be knowledgable in the situation. I think Mr. Snyder needs to get out more.

I know that Oracle made a tour of their major PeopleSoft clients in the eighteen months after the 2005 acquisition, and I know that they heard more than an earful from each of them regarding the feeling that they were being forced to change platforms simply because of Oracle’s corporate goals. I also know that the “Applications Unlimited” program was instituted after this tour, and wasn’t even considered until then.

This squabble between HP and Oracle looks quite familiar, and I feel it will take a similar course – Oracle will talk tough, but will ultimately relent. The question I have is – why does so much energy have to be expended on ultimately meaningless things like this?

Funny – 8. December, 2008

This almost made milk come out of my nose this morning…

From the Ongoing blog…

Overheard – In two separate finance-biz meetings last week: “You date your hardware vendor, but you marry Larry Ellison.”

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Mixed Networking – 5. December, 2008

This post is a public service to those of us who have had enough with Microsoft and are starting to integrate Macs into our home wireless networks. A little something you need to know…

If you’re a good boy or girl and you secure your wireless network, you have a host of choices for security protocol. WEP is labeled as "ensuring maximum interoperability" by the network vendors, but it’s an old standard…and evidently prone to weirdness happening that’s hard to diagnose.

The problem occurred for me when my Macs started getting "confused" on the network and started looking like the router was dropping out intermittently. I tried a bunch of things, talking to my DSL provider, changing routers, trying an all-in-one router, etc. but nothing seemed to work. I finally did a detailed Google search and found the issue.

Evidently, Apple does not process ASCII network keys in the same way that everyone else does when using WEP encryption in wireless networks. So, if you want to have it work, you either abandon WEP for a newer protocol like WPA2, or you shorten your encryption key to 13 characters or less. Now, there’s an Apple bulletin out on this that kind of hints at the issue…

AirPort, Time Capsule: Joining an encrypted wireless network

The question I have for Apple is, How would I find this? The confusion to me is that WEP is advertised as "ensuring maximum interoperability," but it doesn’t mean "between operating systems." It really means "over time".

Anyway, I changed all of my equipment to WPA2, and it works fine now. Thankfully, all of my computers support WPA2, or else I’d be hosed…fortunately, I’m just out about three weeks of troubleshooting and a lot of frustration…

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Ballmer: You want XP, we’ll keep XP – 24. April, 2008

Ballmer: You want XP, we’ll keep XP

Well, maybe not…

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the company could re-evaluate its plans to phase out Windows XP by June 30, if customers demand that it stick around. So far, they have not.

…Ballmer said most consumers are choosing to buy the current version of Windows, Vista.

I’d write something snarky here about Ballmer toeing the company line and being out of touch with the computing community, but I can’t seem to stop laughing long enough to do it…

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Sounds About Right – 21. April, 2008

Prediction: Microsoft will leapfrog Vista, release Windows 7 early, and change its OS business

This post is a must-read…Jason’s analysis is spot-on. It’s not that I’m a big Microsoft fan – far from it – but I think the last few years have proven that vigorous competition is good for everyone. Wow – just like the book says…

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Comcast Blues – 21. April, 2008

I saw this on the web last week as well:

A new reason to hate Comcast

I especially like the point where he wants to send Comcast a bill. As I’ve said before, tech support people generally don’t consider the user’s time valuable. Well, it is, so please stop asking us to do hours of work for you to troubleshoot an issue. Thank you in advance.

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IBM Heads to Cupertino – 21. April, 2008

I saw this on the Web last week:

IBM considering giving Microsoft the boot?

Very interesting…IBM had made a move a few years back to give their Global Services consultants Linux desktops, but that didn’t gain traction based on the relative immaturity of the Linux desktop product. If this pilot program is successful, it would be a major move in the newly-renewed OS wars. Let’s all party like it’s 1992, folks!

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An Opposing View – 10. April, 2008

With respect to yesterday’s post on Windows, here’s an alternate viewpoint:

Gartner: Windows collapsing under its own weight; Radical change needed

The last line of the post tells the whole story for me…

It’ll take longer than folks think.

I remember people saying this about Windows for over a decade. Does this indicate that Windows is stronger than people think, or that corporate inertia is stronger than people realize?

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