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Acme 3D CGI – 3. August, 2010

Being somewhat of a Warner Brothers cartoon aficionado, put me down for “let’s wait until I see it”…

Looney Tunes exclusive clip: Coyote Falls

(h/t Cartoon Brew via Daring Fireball)

Yet Another Cool Interface – 8. June, 2010

I’m always up for interesting ways to display data…

Crime in San Francisco displayed as elevation

(h/t BoingBoing)

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I Want – 1. June, 2010

My birthday is coming up, so for those of you who might want to get me something, I’ll accept this…

Real life version of Minority Report’s user interface

This is John Underkoffler, who produced the computer interface for the movie Minority Report. It’s a fifteen-minute long clip, but it’s time very well spent.

If this is too expensive for a gift, a pass to next year’s TED conference would do nicely as well…

(h/t BoingBoing)

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Here We Go Again – 22. April, 2010

Today, gentle readers, we talk about tools that make people’s lives easier and why people don’t use them…

Data Profiling with SQL is Hazardous to Your Company’s Health!

The iPad and Your Cat – 14. April, 2010

This is pretty funny…

Even Cats Can Figure Out the iPad

(h/t @ocdqblog)

The PeopleSoft/IBM Backstory – 12. April, 2010

Fascinating blog post from an insider at PeopleSoft on how plans were in the works for an alternate future to Oracle in the 2004 timeframe…

The PeopleSoft/IBM Backstory

I’m wondering if some of my friends who were close to this at the time can confirm/supplement this (Ken? Irv?)?

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Please, Please… – 8. April, 2010

A new blog posting from your humble narrator…

A Plea to the Engineers

Will It Blend? – iPad Edition – 7. April, 2010

Watch iPad Meet Blender

(h/t Gizmodo)

There’s Gotta Be a Better Way to Spend Three Days – 6. April, 2010

Asteroids Player Smashes 27-Year-Old High Score

This is Interesting – 22. March, 2010

Well, to us database geeks, that is…

MySQL’s New Best Friend Forever? Oracle

Count me among those who thought Oracle’s acquisition of Sun would spell doom for MySQL. it may have a place in Oracle’s grand strategy after all…