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Digital Compromise – 27. June, 2011

A public service for anyone worried about the latest user ID leaks…

Find Out if Your Passwords Were Leaked by LulzSec Right Here

(h/t Gizmodo)

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Non-Meatless Friday – 10. June, 2011

Most web publishing ┬ádesign tools fill their templates with a fake Latin dialect known affectionately as “Loren ipsum.” Basically, when you’ve seen one Loren Ipsum, you’ve seen them all, which makes life pretty boring. Well, no more…Here are a couple of tools for the creative writer in all of us, courtesy of our friends at LifeHacker:

Bacon Ipsum


Personally, I like Fillerati a little better – you can become literate and be subliminally funny at the same time…

(h/t LifeHacker)

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How Much Longer? – UPDATE – 1. June, 2011

The worm turns again, as Oracle shows it’s true intentions…

Oracle Donates OpenOffice to the Apache Software Foundation

This makes it about six weeks from abandonment to “donation”…

The question still remains – when will this happen to MySQL?

(h/t ReadWriteWeb)

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Denial Is Not Just a River in Egypt – 19. April, 2011

I realize this article is ultimately unpersuasive, for reasons explained in the article, but I find it interesting nonetheless:

The Science of Why We Don’t Believe Science

Keep this in mind when you’re arguing with a friend who is taking seemingly irrational positions…

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I’m a Modernist – 18. January, 2011

The more I think about this analysis, the more I agree with it…

America in the age of primitivism

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Tuesday Link Dump – 16. November, 2010

There are too many good stories out there today to have individual stories…and I’m not even talking about the expected arrival of The Beatles on iTunes…

(h/t BoingBoing and Gizmodo)

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I Want – 1. June, 2010

My birthday is coming up, so for those of you who might want to get me something, I’ll accept this…

Real life version of Minority Report’s user interface

This is John Underkoffler, who produced the computer interface for the movie Minority Report. It’s a fifteen-minute long clip, but it’s time very well spent.

If this is too expensive for a gift, a pass to next year’s TED conference would do nicely as well…

(h/t BoingBoing)

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My New Favorite Website – 16. March, 2010

Superheroes Anonymous

I’m resisting the application of the “Silliness” tag to this one, because by all appearances these people are serious, and are doing some good deeds. But still…a serious discussion on whether or not to use a cape in your costume? Really? I thought Edna Mode had settled that one…

Also, be sure to stop by the Superhero Store!

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This Deserves More Than a Facebook Comment – 24. February, 2010

Departing from the usual business-based fare today…

I read this post from my friend Suzi yesterday, and it got me thinking…

Walking and dancing with the F word

(As you may suspect, not for sensitive eyes)

So, this is for Suzi…

You end your post with this question:

I wonder how other people reward themselves. How do you celebrate you?

I have to say, that question made me stop and think for more than a moment. Personally, I really don’t ever stop and celebrate specific things in my life that center around me. I’ll buy an album or two off of iTunes, but that’s really about it. I think it’s equal parts a) I don’t have much time to do things like that, b) I hate the spotlight at all times, and c) I have never thought that I deserve it. I’d much rather celebrate other’s accomplishments than my own, so I spend time and effort doing that. Call it a weakness…

It reminds me of something else I just saw on TV, watching one of my guilty pleasures – VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. On a recent episode, the cast is having a campfire where they bring something that represents their “old” lives to burn on the fire. It made me think, “What would I bring to the bonfire?” I couldn’t come up with anything…not that I don’t have things I want to change, but I couldn’t think of anything that represents it. Hmmm…

So, for those who have read this far…

  • How do you celebrate you?
  • What would you bring to the bonfire?
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    I Just Found My Favorite Website – 6. December, 2009

    For those of you who know me, you know exactly what I mean…

    ( h/t Lifehacker )

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