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Here We Go Again – 23. June, 2011

Another antitrust investigation of a computer giant…

Reports: Google to Face Broad Antitrust Investigation from U.S. Government

When I see something like this, I start getting really cynical, based on the Microsoft experience of the late 1990s:

  • Can the market be defined accurately?
  • Will Google have a hand in defining the market, as it seemed Microsoft did in their case?
  • What sort of lobbying clout does Google currently have?
  • If this really does go to trial, and Google is found guilty, and is forced to break up, will it end up like the AT&T breakup of 1994, where to company was reconstituted of its original parts less than 20 years later under a different market definition?

There are times I’m really glad I didn’t follow my original career trajectory in antitrust economics…it all seems so pointless in the legislative environment of the last thirty years…

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Nothing to See Here – Move Along – 23. June, 2011

It looks like Oracle doesn’t seem to be able to learn from its own history…

The ugly Oracle-HP divorce: Customers could get hurt

I have to take exception with one of Mr. Snyder’s main points, however. He believes that Oracle is not being “its hardball self” in giving its customers no choice in server platform other than conversion to its Sun-acquired hardware, and that they won’t (and haven’t) backed down in the face of customer complaints. He bases this on a conversation with one person, who may or may not be knowledgable in the situation. I think Mr. Snyder needs to get out more.

I know that Oracle made a tour of their major PeopleSoft clients in the eighteen months after the 2005 acquisition, and I know that they heard more than an earful from each of them regarding the feeling that they were being forced to change platforms simply because of Oracle’s corporate goals. I also know that the “Applications Unlimited” program was instituted after this tour, and wasn’t even considered until then.

This squabble between HP and Oracle looks quite familiar, and I feel it will take a similar course – Oracle will talk tough, but will ultimately relent. The question I have is – why does so much energy have to be expended on ultimately meaningless things like this?

More Baseline Blogging – 24. December, 2010

As promised, there are more blogs to read at Baseline Consulting should you need something to do over the holidays…

Keep It On Track

Do You Know What Your Reports Are Doing?

Also, my recent post Making It Fit made it onto the B-Eye Network! Huzzah!

Happy Holidays!

Blog Attack! – 14. December, 2010

My “official” blogging activity has picked up over the past couple of weeks – translation: Steve is between clients – so here are links to the latest…

Making It Fit

Metadata Is Key

More to come…shortly…

Fire in the Hole! – 11. November, 2010

This is why demolition experts are paid so well…

Blasted tower falls the wrong way in Ohio

(h/t BoingBoing)

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Here We Go Again – 22. April, 2010

Today, gentle readers, we talk about tools that make people’s lives easier and why people don’t use them…

Data Profiling with SQL is Hazardous to Your Company’s Health!

The PeopleSoft/IBM Backstory – 12. April, 2010

Fascinating blog post from an insider at PeopleSoft on how plans were in the works for an alternate future to Oracle in the 2004 timeframe…

The PeopleSoft/IBM Backstory

I’m wondering if some of my friends who were close to this at the time can confirm/supplement this (Ken? Irv?)?

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This is Interesting – 22. March, 2010

Well, to us database geeks, that is…

MySQL’s New Best Friend Forever? Oracle

Count me among those who thought Oracle’s acquisition of Sun would spell doom for MySQL. it may have a place in Oracle’s grand strategy after all…

How’s That Droid Workin’ For Ya Now? – 25. February, 2010

Google Android’s self-destruction derby begins