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Morale – 15. March, 2012

I saw a great quote form Brad Bird of Pixar Studios yesterday, quoted by Michael B. Johnson of Pixar

In my experience, the thing that has the most significant impact on a movie’s budget—but never shows up in a budget—is morale. If you have low morale, for every $1 you spend, you get about 25 cents of value. If you have high morale, for every $1 you spend, you get about $3 of value. Companies should pay much more attention to morale.

I think Edna is onto something…what say you?

(h/t Adobe Blogs)

Has the Semantic Web Gone “Mainstream”? – 13. March, 2012

A provocative blog post for someone with an admittedly biased viewpoint…

The Semantic Web Has Gone Mainstream! Wanna Bet?

My definition of “mainstream” differs somewhat from the author’s – I define it as “when ordinary middle managers are talking in these terms, instead of looking at you like you have three heads when you mention it.” I don’ t think we’re there yet – what do you think?

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