Here We Go Again – June 23rd, 2011

Another antitrust investigation of a computer giant…

Reports: Google to Face Broad Antitrust Investigation from U.S. Government

When I see something like this, I start getting really cynical, based on the Microsoft experience of the late 1990s:

  • Can the market be defined accurately?
  • Will Google have a hand in defining the market, as it seemed Microsoft did in their case?
  • What sort of lobbying clout does Google currently have?
  • If this really does go to trial, and Google is found guilty, and is forced to break up, will it end up like the AT&T breakup of 1994, where to company was reconstituted of its original parts less than 20 years later under a different market definition?

There are times I’m really glad I didn’t follow my original career trajectory in antitrust economics…it all seems so pointless in the legislative environment of the last thirty years…

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