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Strange But True – 28. December, 2010

It has now been six years (!) since PeopleSoft was absorbed into Oracle. How many of us that were around then ever thought this posting would be written after all this time?

New PeopleTools Developer Book Available

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More Baseline Blogging – 24. December, 2010

As promised, there are more blogs to read at Baseline Consulting should you need something to do over the holidays…

Keep It On Track

Do You Know What Your Reports Are Doing?

Also, my recent post Making It Fit made it onto the B-Eye Network! Huzzah!

Happy Holidays!

Facebook World Map – 14. December, 2010

Some kind of cool…

Facebook World Map

This map says a lot about the world political situation vis a vis information freedom…

(h/t Boing Boing)

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Blog Attack! – 14. December, 2010

My “official” blogging activity has picked up over the past couple of weeks – translation: Steve is between clients – so here are links to the latest…

Making It Fit

Metadata Is Key

More to come…shortly…