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Miraculous? – 24. March, 2010

Successful Software Projects are Miraculous

It occurs to me that if you can hit a baseball successfully 1 time in 4 and can play the field effectively, you can maintain a career as a major league baseball player (I’m talking to you, Ryan Howard). “Success” depends entirely on what criteria you apply to the results.

Your thoughts?

This is Interesting – 22. March, 2010

Well, to us database geeks, that is…

MySQL’s New Best Friend Forever? Oracle

Count me among those who thought Oracle’s acquisition of Sun would spell doom for MySQL. it may have a place in Oracle’s grand strategy after all…

Hey, They Really Are Movie Stars! – 20. March, 2010

NASA Mission Posters Are Hilariously Painful

Be sure to see the entire catalog at NASA’s Space Flight Awareness page…

My New Favorite Website – 16. March, 2010

Superheroes Anonymous

I’m resisting the application of the “Silliness” tag to this one, because by all appearances these people are serious, and are doing some good deeds. But still…a serious discussion on whether or not to use a cape in your costume? Really? I thought Edna Mode had settled that one…

Also, be sure to stop by the Superhero Store!

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