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Google Android’s self-destruction derby begins

This Deserves More Than a Facebook Comment – 24. February, 2010

Departing from the usual business-based fare today…

I read this post from my friend Suzi yesterday, and it got me thinking…

Walking and dancing with the F word

(As you may suspect, not for sensitive eyes)

So, this is for Suzi…

You end your post with this question:

I wonder how other people reward themselves. How do you celebrate you?

I have to say, that question made me stop and think for more than a moment. Personally, I really don’t ever stop and celebrate specific things in my life that center around me. I’ll buy an album or two off of iTunes, but that’s really about it. I think it’s equal parts a) I don’t have much time to do things like that, b) I hate the spotlight at all times, and c) I have never thought that I deserve it. I’d much rather celebrate other’s accomplishments than my own, so I spend time and effort doing that. Call it a weakness…

It reminds me of something else I just saw on TV, watching one of my guilty pleasures – VH1’s Celebrity Fit Club. On a recent episode, the cast is having a campfire where they bring something that represents their “old” lives to burn on the fire. It made me think, “What would I bring to the bonfire?” I couldn’t come up with anything…not that I don’t have things I want to change, but I couldn’t think of anything that represents it. Hmmm…

So, for those who have read this far…

  • How do you celebrate you?
  • What would you bring to the bonfire?
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    A real live press release!

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