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Windows 7 and iTunes Synchronization Issue – 31. December, 2009

This is another in a series of public service announcements for technical problems I have encountered, and how they were solved. As always, your mileage may vary…

Do you have a nice new fancy Windows 7 computer? Running 64-bit Windows 7? Lots and lots of RAM? Do you have an iPod or iPhone? Does it spike the computer CPU whenever you try to synchronize it? Are you ready to throw the thing against the wall? Is that what’s troubling you, bunky?

Well, I just finished fixing this issue on a friend’s computer. Here’s what’s going on: it seems that there is an issue with the USB controller driver software in Windows 7 64-bit with certain nVidia and Intel controller chipsets where outgoing write operations send out uncontrolled system interrupts that eat up all the CPU’s available cycles. When this happens, the only way to get things to calm down is to unplug the device and restart the machine, which is unacceptable because the data doesn’t get transferred to your iPod or iPhone.

Now, typically, what happens here is the calls to technical support to a) Apple, b) Microsoft, and c) the computer manufacturer, where they engage in the Scarecrow response, each pointing at the other. Fortunately, this has been happening to so many people that it has been researched, and the issue solved by Microsoft. Here is the link to the hotfix:


Be sure to read the text thoroughly to make sure it applies to your computer. Fortunately, in my friend’s case, it fixed the issue and things are working as they should. Whew!

Have a happy New Year, everyone!

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Holy Underwear! – 31. December, 2009

This is priceless…

Holiest of Holies

What else are you doing with your holiday season?!?

(h/t Topless Robot via @triso)

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More Star Wars Geekdom – 30. December, 2009

…because we just can’t have enough Star Wars geekdom…

The Star Wars/A-Team Mashup

(h/t Gizmodo)

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For the Geek in All of Us – 27. December, 2009

Try it yourself!

Star Wars Weather

(h/t LifeHacker)

Airport Time-Wasting Game – 14. December, 2009

I thought of an activity to pass the time at an airport as I was walking through yet another airport yesterday. Here’s your task: walk through the passenger loading areas at a few gates (I refuse to call them “lounges”) and check to see what people are working on with their opened laptops.

I humbly submit that you will really only find three things:

  • A Spreadsheet
  • A PowerPoint
  • Facebook

Facebook is appearing on more and more laptop screens in airports…

Put your experience in the comments…

I Just Found My Favorite Website – 6. December, 2009

For those of you who know me, you know exactly what I mean…

( h/t Lifehacker )

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