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Posted Without Comment – 22. June, 2009

…but with a smile 😀

MySQL Creators Move to Keep MySQL Open

Father’s Day – 22. June, 2009

I had the privilege of flying 2/3 of the way across the country today, which among other things gives you the opportunity to think a little bit. I reflected on how lucky I am…

One of my favorite books is called Illusions, by Richard Bach. For those who haven’t read it, it’s the story of a man who meets and follows a “reluctant” messiah and learns a bit about life. In the book, he references another book called “The Messiah’s Handbook,” which contains short lessons that are used to teach the narrator what he needs to know. Bach has thankfully published this by itself, and my daughter gave it to me for Father’s Day. She didn’t know about Illusions, so I told her a little about it.

I showed her what I consider the most important lesson in the book…

Everything in this book could be wrong.

When I showed that to her, her reaction was essentially, “Well, that’s obvious. Why would anyone think anything different?”


I explained to her that there are a lot of people that can’t accept this lesson. In fact, a lot of suffering happens in this world because of the inability of some people to accept this.

It’s really cool to meet someone who understands this. It’s especially cool to have that person be your daughter. I couldn’t be a more proud father today if I tried.

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Wow – 19. June, 2009

It’s IndyCar and CART all over again, fifteen years later…

F1 to sue group over plans for rival series

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Another Step on the Road – 11. June, 2009

Common Tag Brings Standards to Metadata

One of the primary steps on the transition to the Semantic Web is the tagging of content and data so it can be located in the proper context. Here is an initiative that is trying to address the chaos of using tags when everyone and their brother is making up their own. It’s enough of a paradigm shift to include tags with your content – perhaps this will make things easier.

Of course, this effort will run into the natural resistance people have to standardized structures – everyone has the best idea on how to do things, and they rarely match. I wish the Common Tag folks luck in overcoming this obstacle.

Where the Buzz Is – 7. June, 2009

At the suggestion of my friend James, I attended two events this morning that rate pretty high in Geekland…

Event One: The release of the Palm Pre smartphone, at the local Sprint store in Roseville, CA…


Here was the crowd – about 15 people…


It’s kind of hard to tell if they’re waiting for Sprint to open or waiting for coffee.

Next, Event Two: The opening of a new Apple store in the Roseville Galleria…


There were a few more people…


The staff was a little more animated…


…and the line actually went out the door of the mall…


Now, not all of these people were there for just a phone, and they were giving away t-shirts at the Apple store, but I think this illustrates the state of play in the electronics world these days…

By the way, I went back to the Sprint store at about 8:15 to check out the phone, and was able to play with a display phone for a few minutes. My capsule review – Apple has nothing to worry about. Paraphrasing Rachel Maddow, the Pre is “teeny, teeny, tiny…” The form factor of the phone is closer to something like the LG Shine than the iPhone, so everything is really small – the typing keys, the fonts, and the buttons on the touch screen. Not really good for fat fingers like mine. Also, it has the feel of something you buy at Toys R Us. I’ll stick with lusting after the iPhone for a while longer…

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