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I Want One of These (Part II) – 27. April, 2009

GE Develops 500 GB DVD-Size Disc

You know, my first computer had 1 MB of RAM and a 20 MB hard drive, and I was stylin’

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Stop It, Please – 26. April, 2009

The Sharks are really putting us through the ringer this year…it’s getting harder and harder to watch…

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Podcast Alert – 22. April, 2009

I completed a podcast last week for regarding Dashboard design for business intelligence. Check it out…

Dashboard editors streamline ‘busy’ dashboards and spur user adoption

By the way – it only sounds like I’m on medication…;-)

Believe You Must, Young Padawan – 17. April, 2009

Another entry in the “truth is stranger than fiction” file…

Force is strong for Jedi police

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Homeless Frank – 14. April, 2009

Audio is NSFW, but this is definitely funny…

Rich – 1. April, 2009

For your afternoon break today, check out this video:

Boston Guys: This Woman Could Be Your Wife One Day

Profiles in cluelessness…

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