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A Sad Day – 27. March, 2009

It’s always sad to see one of the big boys go down, no matter what you think of their practice…

BearingPoint Reaches Agreement to Sell Key Business Units

It’s a natural tendency for acquiring companies to treat the acquired employees like they don’t know anything, as if the employees were responsible for the old company failing. I sure hope that this doesn’t happen in this case, because BearingPoint fell victim to acquisition frenzy, not poor business practices.

This news, in addition to this news, means the landscape of consulting is transforming like many other industries these days…Strange days indeed…

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Yawn – 24. March, 2009

What if you held a party releasing a major new piece of software and nobody came?

Microsoft Internet Explorer Users Slow To Adopt New Release

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I Want One of These – 20. March, 2009

From Wired magazine…

Tai Chi Scooter One-Ups the Segway

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