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What’s Wrong with Requirements – 20. February, 2009

A great post from Nick Malik today…

Understanding the root causes of poor software requirements

This is a pretty long post, but it illustrates that this issue is bigger than pretty much any breadbox you can think of. But, it’s also illustrative of how important this issue is to the overall craft of software development.

Incidentally, I may take a whack at discussing the assumption…

Assumption: Improving the quality of software requirements will have a net positive effect on the quality, reliability, applicability, usability, and value of custom software as perceived by the business users who use it.

He’s Right, You Know – 8. February, 2009

The Dark Secrets Behind Hiring a Consultant

I’ll be happy to send you a holiday card, Alex…

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The Good Designer – 3. February, 2009

This post from the A List Apart blog is a great description of the temperament and skills required to be a good designer. It’s based on graphic design, but I think it applies to any design work – programming, database design – even making music…required reading for those who want to get better at the craft…

The Details the Matter

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