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Hoo Boy – 23. October, 2008

Where Alan Greenspan echoes the typical cry from management: When All Else Fails, Blame IT!!

Greenspan: Bad data hurt Wall Street computer models

Hey Alan – everything you talk about are management decisions, not IT decisions. For example, using only 20 years of historical data is a management decision…Sorry to have to point that out to you…

Voter Suppression and CDI – 18. October, 2008

At the risk of incurring the wrath of The Washington Post by linking to them, here’s an article with current interest that exposes a broader issue:

Thousands Face Mix-Ups In Voter Registrations

It occurs to me that this is a classic Customer Data Integration issue – name pattern matching and verification of the “right” information across multiple databases. There are several responses to this issue, most of which involve trying to include every record possible in the final result set.

I find it interesting that the Republican response to this is to automatically disqualify all those records that do not match, which is curious to me because I doubt that they would do that in the course of their own businesses. It leads me to believe that they really don’t want to fix the issue because it serves them politically (third major election in a row, folks). Food for thought on what really matters to some people…

The Semantic Web, explained with Lolcats – 13. October, 2008

I’m always for explaining things in the simplest way possible, so here’s a link to a great (and simple) introduction to the Semantic Web:

The Semantic Web, explained with Lolcats

Ican has cheezburger, indeed…

“On the Cusp” – 1. October, 2008

A great article linking to a great paper on the state of Semantic technology in the enterprise world…

New report places Semantic Web ‘On the Cusp’ of something big

I call your attention to the conclusion of the author, David Provost:

The business value of the Semantic Web has moved away from being a debate to the point where the technology is proving itself to be commercially competitive. Increasingly, innovators, entrepreneurs, and business managers are beginning to understand how to recognize, define, and pursue the market opportunities made possible by this technology.

It’s always exciting to watch a concept go from the theoretical, academic world to concrete business application – I continue to believe that Semantics is making that journey, and is worthy of everyone’s attention. Good stuff.

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Get Off My Lawn! – 1. October, 2008

Most likely the greatest “get off my lawn” moment of a year filled with “get off my lawn” moments:

I am soooooooo glad I’m not a Raiders fan…

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