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Here We Go, Folks – 21. May, 2008

The title of “Most Desperate Surviving US Airline” goes to…American Airlines!

American, Cutting Back, Plans $15 Bag Fee

Perhaps the images created by Southwest Airlines in a hilarious commercial a few years back – coin-operated overhead storage, tray tables, and the like – is not too far off. Between this news and the continuing ridiculousness that is airport security, could the realignment of basic transportation patterns be far off?

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Code Sharing – 21. May, 2008

(h/t The Open Road)

Collaborative Software Initiative gets enterprises sharing code

I think this is a great idea – there is so much effort and great engineering talent expended on internal enterprise software that could be used in similar situations by other organizations. The initiative could also help in a complimentary goal – standardization of data structures for similar concepts across industries. As the computing world becomes even more interconnected, complimentary data structures are becoming more and more required to facilitate this integration. Perhaps this change can be accelerated by the use of similar software applications…

I Could Not Agree More – 20. May, 2008

Appeals Court Rules U.S. Bills Discriminate Against Blind

The people who disagree with this ruling either a) have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, such as vending machine manufacturers, or b) have little to no empathy for others. This follows on an excellent post that I read this morning about empathy and courage – I wonder how many of us could actually do what James is proposing…

Sometimes I forget to be human…

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OpenCalais 2.0 – 20. May, 2008

In keeping with the “walk the walk” attitude of this blog, I’ve added some functionality to the postings here, released as part of the OpenCalais initiative by the Reuters news organization. Specifically, there will now be added tags to information postings that are automatically generated by a WordPress plug-in called Tagaroo. I look forward to seeing what it will do for me, and I’m always supportive of Semantic technology.

One thing, though…it doesn’t start searching my text for taggable words unless I have at least 64 words, so I guess I’ll have to get a little more talkative that I usually am…

Gateway Drugs – 15. May, 2008

An article I can personally attest to:

A sign of Macs to come

Worse than the “CrackBerry”…

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Awesome! – 9. May, 2008

The end of “spreadmarts” as we know them…not a moment too soon…

How Semantics Can Revolutionize Spreadsheets

Freaky – 8. May, 2008

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of news of note in the BI world this week – I guess everyone’s busy at JavaOne and SAP Sapphire. So, here’s a post on something not related to business…

The recent eruption of the Chaiten volcano in Chile produced a wicked electrical storm, with photographic evidence (Spanish language – the locals ROCK!):

Tormenta eléctrica en erupción del volcán Chaitén

(h/t Talking Points Memo)

The first dozen images are downright spooky, and put a great perspective on us humans’ relative lack of power in this world.

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More Ranting – 1. May, 2008

I must be attracted to rants today…

“Compliance” is a Dirty Word

The common thread here is something that I say in relation to Master Data Management – don’t fall into the trap of being dazzled by vendor presentations. If you are serious about doing these things, you can do them with little more than a cocktail napkin and the will to do them, metaphorically speaking. The “will” part is the most important aspect, and the thing that a vendor cannot sell to you.

Avoiding the Problem Duck Hunt – 1. May, 2008

All I can say is, “Amen, bruddah…”

Rant: Avoiding the Problem Duck Hunt

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