Web 3.0 Through the Ages – April 23rd, 2008

ReadWriteWeb has an interesting post this morning:

Web 3.0 Through the Ages

Is “Web 3.0” still just marketing hype? I think at this point they may have a point. In listening to the March 2008 podcast from “The Semantic Gang” (on ReadWriteWeb and iTunes) I heard a lot of smart people basically say that we don’t know yet how the Semantic Web will play out commercially. It’s an exciting idea, but at the moment I fear it’s just hype.

Please be sure to click though to Jonas Bolinder’s post that is the basis for this one – Jonas goes into much more detail on the trends. In fact, it’s so important that I’ll just link to it here:

Web 3.0 – The Semantic, Implicit, Mobile or Distributed Web?

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