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Product Name Prize – 23. August, 2007

I wish I was this clever…this is the best product name I’ve seen in a long time…


Two snaps up, fer sher…

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Things That Bug Me #3,381a – 23. August, 2007

In my line of work, you read a lot of presentations. After awhile, these presentations all start to sound the same. With that in mind, I think the next time I read a “benefits” list like this one, I’m going to scream like I’m Janet Leigh in Psycho

  • Improved business-IT alignment
  • Balanced decision-making and authority
  • Consistent and open processes
  • Value realization

Two observations:

  • I virtually guarantee that you won’t be able to determine where I got this list (or even if I made it up myself) because you could pretty much drop the entire thing into any vendor presentation.
  • What the hell does any of this mean?

Someone pleeeeeease make it stop…

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