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Love Letter – 11. August, 2005

Here is a nice article (HR focused) about the legacy of PeopleSoft:

The PeopleSoft Spirit Lives On

I think it captures the essence of the company well, and explains why I think Oracle will ultimately fail to make the whole better than the sum of its parts – it all boils down to listening to the customer, and that’s something that Oracle has always needed to work on. It’s good to see that so many other companies are benefiting from this attitude, and I had no doubt that this would happen.

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Oooh, Oooh, Yeah! – 9. August, 2005

The 800-lb gorilla makes a move…

Business Objects Adds Support for Linux

In Redmond, Linux must feel like a Chinese water torture…

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Google Hacking – 2. August, 2005

The law of unintended consequences strikes again…

Google Now a Hacker’s Tool

I’m not much up on the security side of the world, but it amazes me how basically trusting, or lazy, most people are…

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Good to See – 2. August, 2005

…a couple of the old clients hooking up…

Connexion by Boeing and Intel Team Up on In-Flight WiFi

Connexion is a great idea that is hamstrung by Boeing’s bureaucracy, no matter how hard they try to act like a start-up. Too bad you have to travel overseas to enjoy the service…

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