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Oracle Releases PeopleSoft EPM 8.9 – 11. May, 2005

Gee, I only needed to dig for about 30 seconds to find it, too…

Oracle Delivers PeopleSoft Enterprise Performance Management 8.9

It will be interesting to see what Oracle’s level of commitment and support will be for this release, since the Ascential ETL tool is integral to its operation…and Ascential has new ownership

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And So It Begins – 11. May, 2005

This particular corner of the house of cards that is the US economy begins to collapse…

United Gets OK to Dump Four Pension Plans

Do you belong to a strong union? You may be next…

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‘Louie Louie’ Update – 10. May, 2005

Cooler heads have prevailed…

Ban Lifted on ‘Louie Louie’

You would think the superintendent would ask around before making an ass of herself…

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The Headline Says It All – 10. May, 2005

‘Spamalot’ Receives 14 Tony Nominations

A classic by any other name…

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Stupidity Du Jour – 5. May, 2005

The ridiculousness of so-called adults never fails to amaze me…

Band Banned from Performing ‘Louie Louie’

Someone should send this woman a copy of the FBI report on this song, which can be obtained at


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Re: Dave’s Next Move – 5. May, 2005

In consideration of Dave’s Next Move (link below), I can’t help thinking that we in the Enterprise Software game will never get out of the complexity-and-high-cost rut that we’re in until we correct the following items (by no means a complete list):

1) Software salespeople promising results without understanding business requirements.

2) Companies shortchanging infrastructure in the name of cutting up-front costs.

3) Managing implementation projects to dates rather than functionality.

4) Incomplete testing, training, and reporting due to time shortage (see #3 above).

5) Management on all sides claiming victory despite incomplete delivery.

What do any of these things have to do with technology?

Just wondering…

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Dave’s Next Move – 5. May, 2005

An article from today’s Contra Costa Times* hints at a new venture from PeopleSoft’s founder, Dave Duffield…

It appears that he has taken some of the top PeopleSoft executives from the three-month “post-Craig Conway” era and is creating a new organization to attack the high expense of maintaining enterprise applications. As it says on this site, “It’s a new day. Stay Tuned…”

Stay tuned, indeed…

* taken from another source to avoid subscription – you’re welcome…

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Extreme Takeover – 5. May, 2005

For those interested in reliving the past, there is an excellent article from The American Lawyer regarding PeopleSoft’s eighteen-month battle with Oracle’s takeover bid. All in all, it’s a fair assessment, and the punch line at the end says it all – “Shareholder value trumps all.”

The question is whether this is the correct course for business to follow from a long-term perspective…

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Welcome – 5. May, 2005

Hey kids –

Welcome to the Random Curry blog…

Here you will find random musings on the state of Corporate America from one of its warriors. I never thought my professional life would end up like this, but, like Scott Adams of Dilbert fame, I find there’s an ample supply of humor out there if you pause long enough to find it.

With that, off we go…

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