The following articles have been published by the staff of Lemon Curry Solutions. Hyperlinked titles will take you to the publication site.

CDI and MDM Are Broken, Part 1 (The Data Administration Newsletter, October 2007) Download as PDF - In Part I of this article, the author examines the current state of solutions for the rapidly growing area of Customer Data Integration and Master Data Management. He finds that the solutions are based on a one-size-fits-all methodology based on known infrastructure techniques and system implementation complexities that may not necessarily be the best solution for the issue. He sets the stage for a different way of looking at the problem with emerging technologies that hold the promise of reducing complexity and implementation cost.

CDI and MDM Are Broken, Part 2 (The Data Administration Newsletter, September 2008) Download as PDF - In Part 2 of this article, the author explains the application of Semantic technologies to Master Data Management applications, including Customer Data Integration. He examines the two extremes of MDM implementation and proposes a middle ground that does not require large technology investment and positions organizations for a more efficient future.

Performance Tuning Considerations for DSS Systems (The Data Administration Newsletter, May 2008) Download as PDF - The author considers a common scenario of decision support system implementation - performance issues shortly after deployment that impact system acceptance by customers. Mitigation strategies are discussed in order to make the system more effective for end users.

The Case for the IT Actuary Download as PDF - The author proposes a new way of looking at risk management in technology projects and suggests that adapting actuarial principles to IT projects would be more beneficial to success than current methods.