Enterprise Information Management in the 21st Century

EIM in the age of Semantcs, Big Data, and Social Media

July, 2012

Link Roundup – July 29, 2012

120729_Links Here are some links in the world of Enterprise Information Management that you may have missed last week: Big Data Unclogging the Data Pipeline (Indice) – How to ingest 100 million documents a day into a semantic application (!)… New Oracle Report Shows that Organizations are Accumulating Data at Unprecedented Rates, but are Falling […]

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Link Roundup – July 22, 2012

Here are some links in the world of Enterprise Information Management that you may have missed last week: Big Data The Multi-Billion-Dollar Data Management Challenge (Slahdot.org) – The solving of an issue should not be abandoned just because of the size of the issue – see US Moon Landing, 1969… Making Big Data Usable for […]

Open Data as Social Change?

One of the effects of our new media culture – the 24-hour news cycle, instant updates via Twitter and Facebook, etc – is that language tends to become less precise in the rush to make “the update.” As a Data Quality specialist, the makes my heart sad, but that is a topic for another day. […]

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Link Roundup – July 16, 2012

Data Quality: It Depends on Your Reference Point (Dan’s Adventures in Business Intelligence) – Reference Obi-Wan Kenobi in Return of the Jedi – http://bit.ly/PMx4sS Metadata: Who Needs Business Metadata? (Informatica) – Everyone! Visualization: Soda vs Pop, Visualized (Gizmodo) – Part of my culture shock in attending college in the Midwest, visualized… EIM/Governance/MDM: Master Data Management’s […]

The Pendulum Swings Again

Microsoft vows hardware fight with Apple This may sound like a surprising position from Redmond, but if you look at things through the prism of computer history, it’s not really that shocking. They are simply joining a long line of companies that have attempted to control the entire computing stack, from terminals/PCs to servers to […]

Link Roundup–July 9, 2012

Here are some links to interesting things you may have missed in the last week: Lightning Strikes the Cloud (OCDQBlog) – Always examine your assumptions… The Big Data Software Problem Behind CERN’s Higgs Boson Hunt (ITBusinessEdge) – and we’re talking BIG data here, folks…800 trillion collisions… Schema.org + WebIntents = Awesomeness (Web of Data) – […]

No Way Out

I received a tweet today from Fitzgerald Analytics (@fitzanalytics) about an upcoming presentation on Using advanced analytics techniques to uncover fraud, waste and abuse, which looks quite interesting from the Big Data Analysis perspective. I think this subject is quite vital in the current financial environment, but I can’t help thinking about the old Kevin […]

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