Enterprise Information Management in the 21st Century

EIM in the age of Semantcs, Big Data, and Social Media


Applications Unlimited Delays the Inevitable

Why Oracle Fusion Doesn’t Excite Customers The money quote: The main reasons for their unhappiness with Oracle were high licensing costs, high maintenance costs and difficulty in upgrading. Seems that the Applications Unlimited program simply kicked the can down the road a little. Without changing their attitude, Oracle will never be successful in the ERP […]

How a Starship Can Help Your Business

I’ve talked to a lot of people at a lot of different kinds of companies over the years. My clients have many issues in common – living in silos, technologists not understanding what the business needs, people in the weeds not seeing the big picture, etc. An underlying cause of a lot of these issues […]

Link Roundup…YEEEEAAAAAA!!!

This week’s link roundup has been interrupted my unmitigated joy… Also, I’m glad I’m not on the road this week…good luck to all in Sandy’s path…

The Data Philosopher

To whom it may concern: This blog posting is an application for a job. Rather, it’s really an application for a job title. In the Data Roundtable discussion that concluded the recent DataFlux IDEAS conference, Jim Harris coined a new term in relation to Rich Murnane’s discussion of the “Data Scientist” – the “Data Philosopher.” […]